Emergency And Critical Care

Emergency And Critical Care


CKS Understands the value of life, keeping that in front we have designed our  Emergency and Critical care services to save maximum precious life. Emergency is established in 2 parts ;

  • 3 bed Triage
  • 5 bed observation

                In Emergency area , Critically ill or  injured patients with life threatening conditions are     immediately teken under the care of a team of specialized emergency Doctors and the Patient is evaluated , resuscitated and stabilized as per protocols .

There are 1 operating rooms dedicated solely to trauma patients with  24x7 availability of specialists in Trauma Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery , Neurosurgery , Surgical Critical Care , Rehabilitation Medicine and Emergency Medicine to adequately respond and care for the various form of trauma.

  Emergency department has developed its own standard operating procedure ( SOP) keeping the  view of critical care at first place, that include transferring of patient to the appropriate critical care unit within hospital. Our efficient team of clinicians and other paramedics are 24x7 vigilant and comprehensively trained on ACLS /BLS with self motivated zeal to overcome on crisis management .

The department is backed by

  • Fully Equipped Critical Care Ambulance
  • Crash cart with Biphasic Defibrillator
  • Mobile X – Ray and other diagnostics and Therapeutic tools 

It  is well connected with entire hospital through two express elevators, for faster transfer of patient.

        Critical care unit are also centralized air conditioned as the rest of CKS hospital is; the design of all critical care unit are kept keeping; safety, space, comfort, technology, ergonomics last but not the least all category of patients’ in mind. The fully motorized 71 Japanese beds can wheeled the patient anywhere within the hospital with the help of two express elevators.  The isolation cubicle with negative pressure is a part of critical care units with 1:1 nursing care round the clock.  

All beds of Critical units are Equipped with best technology of its class;

  • High end vital sign monitoring device
  • Advanced life support Ventilators invasive and Non invasive from adult to neonatal ventilation ( GE , Maquet , Carefusion)
  • Round the clock facility for sono/Echo
  • Bed side dialysis
  • IABP
  • LVAD