Anaesthesia Department

Anaesthesia Department



                                                  Is articulated with technology ready for today and tomorrow. The work station are capable to provide sedatives to various categories and domains ; 

  • Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery including minimal invasive (MICS)
  • Neuro and Spinal surgeries
  • Orthopedics Trauma and joint replacements
  • Laparoscopic and General surgeries

 The Department uncompromisly handle Neonatal, Pediatric and Adult category with maximum vital monitoring for reducing after effects; which helps to awake the patients faster with minimal after effects.  The un-beaten technology is provided by global leader by Mindray.

 The house is secured 24x7 with dedicated, experienced Anaesthesia team to take care of variety of pre and post category of patients admitted in various domains in critical, post surgical class. Team is also includes Pre-Anesthesia Checkups.